‘I graduated in Hatha Yoga in 1987 and my continuing and ongoing study brought me to the Byron Bay area where I fortunately met Peter Clifford.  He has helped me enormously with his teaching methods and has inspired my colleagues and I with his wealth of knowledge from his own experience.  I have had many teachers over a 25 year period but none has helped me as much as Peter.’ – Anita Loverdale, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne

‘I have been studying yoga since 1989, and have been teaching since 2001.  I have observed Peter Clifford teaching in open classes, in private classes, and as a tutor in the Yogalates Teacher Training course.  Peter’s depth of knowledge is phenomenal and his ability to share it in a way that meets students’ needs is excellent.  Peter is a teacher of great warmth, humour and humility, and I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to study under him.’ – Maria Kirsten, Yoga Teacher, Lennox Heads

‘My meeting with Peter Clifford is truly a case of when the student is ready; the teacher will appear.  For quite some time I had felt dissatisfaction with my yoga practice.  I had undergone several surgeries on my eyes for glaucoma but the surgeon could not save the vision in my right eye and I subsequently lost complete vision in that eye.  This limited my regular yoga practice as I found that I suddenly could not do any inverted postures.  In the meantime my eyes continued to be a problem and were constantly inflamed and irritated.  In my search for a suitable practice, I was guided to Peter who happened to be visiting in Hong Kong.  The results of his methodology have already been apparent even after only 6 classes.  At my scheduled eye examination my surgeon found that the eye pressure has been at its lowest ever recorded levels and he remarked that my eyes have never been so clear and clean.  My yoga practice is so much more personal now and with Peter’s guidance I have learnt a whole new way of practicing the asanas; have learnt to walk and to breathe properly, with mindfulness and with a new determination to deepen my spiritual practice.  My illness has literally given me the opportunity to see myself, my life and my world with new eyes.  This new subtlety is enhanced by Peter’s encouragement and instruction, always given with gentleness and compassion.  I look forward to exploring more terrain on this new road I am traveling and am truly grateful for the opportunity to practice with Peter.  If you are looking for a deepening of your practice, increasing your knowledge of yourself and have a desire to heal yourself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, then this practice is for you.  There is no drama and no judgment, just a gentle realization of why you are the way you are and where you want to be.’ – Candace, Hong Kong