Wednesday 30th May thru Sunday 3rd, June 2018  – Portugal

Mature Yoga for longevity with Peter Clifford

Join the Anahata Yoga family in Portugal for a 5 day retreat geared towards a more mature group. Slow down the ageing process, increase strength and vitality with simple yet effective yoga techniques to enhance the quality of your life.

The program is specifically designed for  the young at heart and above 50 years old, with limited flexibility and strength, but that would still like to get the maximum benefits of a Yoga practice.

Peter Clifford has proven in his own personal practice that human ageing is reversible and scientific research shows that we can literally reverse the ageing markers, for example muscle strength, bone density, blood pressure and cholesterol levels etc. We are an amazing network of cellular intelligence, energy, thoughts, emotions, electric currents, organ actions, hormones, nervous systems, tissues, blood and lymph flows.  All these elements are interwoven, inter-reactive and capable of transformation through yoga practice.

We focus particularly on the internal aspects of yoga: organ cleansing, tissue pumps, nervous systems, circulation of lymph and blood, releasing psychic knots known as granthis from Sushumna Nadi and pranic blockages from the Nadis, and creating hydraulic and pneumatic pressures within the body to create change.  All movements are undertaken with inner conscious awareness, promoting a state of integration of the mind and body.

As you practice this yoga style, you reconnect with your inner reservoir of energy, vitality and creativity.  You will return to a younger functioning physical and mental state. Anahata Yoga is designed to enhance the qualities of rejuvenation and longevity, to correct postural imbalances and create vitality and health while promoting the natural abilities of the body to heal, so that it can realise its own amazing potential.


A beautiful retreat centre located just 5 minutes walk from São Julião  beach.This is one of the most stunning coastlines in Ericeira. With an extensive beach divided by cliffs, São Julião is one of the region’s most beautiful beaches.  You have the option of enjoying a more lively beach with bars or you can seek the tranquility of a deserted beach.

Inside  the property there is a large and beautiful garden with lots of peaceful places to discover.

Being the last property before the sea this is a true piece of paradise!

 It is an inspiring place where you will be close to nature and have the perfect environment to rejuvenate body and mind.

Please see the link for more details.

Spaces are limited.  For questions or to express your interest to join, send an email or sign up at

Getting there

Lisbon airport is closest to the retreat centre. Pick up from the airport is provided at an extra charge.

You can also rent a car or take a bus from Lisbon. The bus will take about 1 hour 15 mins and costs approximately 6 euro. You will be picked up from the bus station free of charge.


Program only: EUR 400

What’s Included:

  • 5 hours Asana/Meditation/Yoga Nidra sessions per day.


Shared room with one person: EUR 50 per night

Single room: EUR 60 per night

These prices for accommodation are per person per night and include 3 organic vegetarian meals a day.