The Magic of Yoga, 5-Day Workshops

Taught by Peter Clifford at The Sanctuary, Ko Phangan, Thailand.

Immerse yourself into the magic of the internal aspects of yoga for 5 days with international yoga teacher Peter Clifford.This workshop is designed for everyone, from the merely curious to the serious yoga practitioner who wants to enhance the quality of their life, discovering who they are and what their true life potential is.

Anahata Yoga translates as union with your heart. Learn how to open the heart of the Pancha Koshas (the 5 sheaths of human existence) Integrating the Physical, Mental, Energetic, Esoteric, Spiritual bodies with the internal magical practices of Yoga that Peter learnt in Assam India.

Magic of Yoga Workshop Daily Schedule

7 – 8 am Buddha Hall The practice and importance of Pranayama to enhance the quality of your metabolism, digestion, immune system, organ function. Importance of the breath, that the quality of the personal breath enhances the quality of life and to enhance the quality of the 4 aspects of the breath: Vitalizing, Tranquilizing, Balancing, Cleansing.

8 – 9.30 am Buddha Hall Different styles of Asana including the ancient style of the Dance of Shiva and Shakti from Assam , Iyengar, Vinni and Svastha Yoga so you can develop an unique Asana practice for personal evolution and to enhance the ability of the body to move, create Postural Integration, Postural Realignment, to strengthen, tone the muscles, to stretch and open the body.

11-13:00pm Zen Hall Yoga Lectures. The traditions, practices and philosophy of Shiva the AdiYogi (the first Yogi) who taught that we are Divine Spirit, Anandamaya Kosha. These Yoga practices include Yoga Nidra, Nyasa (NLP) Mantra, Meditation.

15:00-17:00 pm Zen Hall The practice and importance of active Meditations to clear the mind of confusion, Yoga Nidra to relax both the body and mind and Yoga Niyasa to explore the ability of the mind and its imagination to creatively visualize a life of vitality health and longevity. Anahata Yoga Therapy for all the Pancha Koshas (5 sheaths of human existence) includes Asana therapy, Breath therapy, Nyasa therapy (creative visualization), Sound therapy, Meditation therapy

Dates Workshops

19th to 23rd December 2016

9th to 13th January 2017

23rd to 27th January 2017

6th to 10th February 2017

20th to 24th February 2017


2,600 baht per day
12,000 baht for the five days

You will learn about, discover and understand:

  • How to increase your energy, health and personal longevity.
  • How to enhance the quality of your Asana practice and your body by teaching you how to include the magic of Mudras and the stability of Bandhas in daily life.
  • Your personal breath patterns and how to evolve your breath with specific Pranayama practices to create more energy and vitality in your daily life.
  • Your personal Dosha type whether you are Vata, Pitta or Kapha dominant and this will help you develop a personal Asana practice that is appropriate to your development and evolution.
  • The Pancha Koshas, the 5 sheaths of the human body, which consist of the physical, energetic, mental, esoteric and spiritual systems – so that your personal Yoga practice yokes together and unites your Pancha Koshas to create health and longevity.
  • Your personal Chakra dominance so that you can create a Yoga practice which balances your Chakras with sound and the use of Pranayama to open the very important energy channels of the body, known as the Nadis of Sushumna, Pingala and Ida
  • Your Elemental dominance and the importance of the Pancha Tattwas, the five elements within your personal Yoga practice and learn the ancient five element form of the Anahata Yoga tradition.

Asanas will be taught to develop the physical body,

Pranayama to develop the energetic body,

Yoga Nidra and Nyasa to develop the mental body,

Sound to develop the esoteric body and

Meditation to develop a spiritual awareness.

Saying that you are too stiff to do Yoga is like saying that you are too dirty to have a bath – it actually shows that you need to do it more! Combining these Internal practices of Yoga into your personal daily life will create more energy, vitality health and longevity, because Peter is living proof that these Yoga practices really do work.


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